PVC Corset

Matching PVC wristcuffs.

Tartan corset.

1.20e Tartan skirt from thrift market turned "bondage" skirt with added zippers to the pleats and d-links to the sides and straps.

Ready jacket with some added medical PVC "embellishments."

"Overalls" shirt with fishnet back. \m/

"Lolita" shirt. Plus ribbon hair clip

Black skirt with the scot skirt pattern + eyelets.

"Scot skirt" with pleats and a few safety pins.

A steel-boned (10+busk) corset

Safety pin shirt mod. At least it's well ventilated in the summer. :D

Trooper shirt


Old white tee --> Stenciled Agent Smith top

Stenciled Evergrey shirt.

Stenciled Guybrush shirt.

Imperial Officer uniform